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We welcome you to our webpage and organization. The work we endeavor to do requires participation from all sectors of the community. Therefore, we aim to partner and collaborate with all ethnicities, races, creeds, religions, and organizations. Our focus is simply to encourage community empowerment by strengthening and celebrating minorities of color in a manner that benefit the community at large, which includes those who are not minorities of color.
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Welcome To Strategic Community Alliance, Inc

Strategic Community Alliance, Inc. (SCA) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that actively engages communities to address diversity, inclusion, discrimination, and civility through education, outreach, the arts, cultural activities, cross-cultural experiences, mediation, investigations, counseling, economics, investments, and other means to promote equality, fairness, and prosperity. SCA’s efforts include but are not limited to addressing the above issues in business, housing, employment, public accommodations, healthcare, arts, education, and elsewhere to ensure equal access and empowerment for all.

SCA promotes the progress in diversity and inclusion that has been made throughout America and strives to build upon this success. Therefore, we celebrate past achievements while partnering with others to work toward a better America. Meaningful, continued and sustained progress toward diversity and inclusion must include reaching across cultures and building relationships, collaborations, and partnerships with individuals, groups, and communities with varying and often opposing perspectives, viewpoints, and ideologies. When people with differing views and perspectives work together toward a common goal, their community develops the character and skills needed to maximize the richness of a diverse population. 

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